Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are shawls and scarves washable or dry-clean only?
  •    All Helena Margareta creations are hand washable. Use gentle detergent or hair shampoo, and gently hand wash it. Dry flat to dry. The shawls and scarves need usually one per season wash.
  • Are the shawls and scarves hypoallergenic? 
  •     Most shawls and scarves are hypoallergenic. Garments are made with different blends of cotton, bamboo, microfibres, alpaca/silk and merino silk. Merino is one of the finest and softest grades of wool. Therefore it is not itchy when worn close to skin.  However, in cases where one has existing extreme wool allergies, then any shawl that has merino/silk blend, or alpaca/silk blend may cause reactions. This only applies if a person has severe wool allergies. It has nothing to do with the softness of material, as our shawls and scarves are very soft to touch and feel.