Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M
Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M
Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M
Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M
Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M
Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M
Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M

Bohemian Shawl - Kokanee- M

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Inspired by rivers and lakes of British Columbia, this Bohemian shawl is hand dyed in azure teal blue with hint of purple here and there. The colours flow into each other and create a mesmerizing effect of blue lakes of British Columbia. 

Knit with silky alpaca/merino/cotton blends, this shawl feels and drape beautifully. The lightness of the fabric and softness of natural fibers create warmth yet feel light as feather.

Knit in size Medium. This colour combo is also available in size small, medium, large and extra large. However, each shawl is one of a kind and looks different. Just the colour combo is similar. If interested in different size, please let us know and we can let you know what is currently available in other sizes.

Each shawl comes with its own Brochure that showcases how to style it different ways.

Made with love in West Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada.

Why choose us?

Our Brand Philosophy:

Helena’s philosophy on creating Helena Margareta accessories is with the purpose to make any woman wearing her creations feel beautiful and confident, inside and out.


“I have purchased two of Helena’s Shawls and several of her scarves that I gave over the years as gifts to my friends. Everything is absolutely beautiful and well made. I love her work!”

Kate Lind, Golden, BC

“ Being a long time customer of Helena Margareta brand, I absolutely love her craftsmanship and quality of her work. I gifted the shawls and scarves to my family members and I always get positive reactions. Being an artisan myself, I truly appreciate her work”

Victor Ralezza, Toronto, ON

“I have a few of Helena’s beautiful bohemian shawls and scarves. I love flexibility of wearing them in many different ways. The colour combinations are incredible and her craftsmanship is top notch. I receive compliments every time I wear them. They make fabolous gifts!”

Sandra Beingessner, Invermere, BC

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